Here is how to install JetBrains PyCharm Python IDE

There technically are 4 ways to do this, two or more per platform! We have the tarball, native packages, Snap, and Flatpak methods. Below are the best methods (IMNSHO) for each platform.

Fedora 27+

Fedora has the most flexibility here as we can go all 4 routes! (GO RED HAT!) I will skip over the tarball method. Here are the other three:

Ubuntu / Snap Package

The easiest method is the snap. There are a few PPAs, but are rarely kept up to date from what I have seen (perhaps I am missing the "correct" one...)

    sudo snap install pycharm-community --classic

EL7 / Flatpak

As of right now, the only method aside from the tarball, would be via Flatpak. Github Repo

    flatpak install --user mypycharm com.jetbrains.PyCharm-Community