This is the EL repository that I host, mainly rebuilds of software that isn't yet available, or never will be.  For each distribution in question, I will stop providing rpms when I either get sick of it, or the distribution is EOLed.  My primary focus is on EL7, and build Fedora rpms when what I want for EL isn't available in the standard army of repositories that most people will enable. If I miss something, email me. When DNF is finished and ready for prime time, I will host DNF only for the appropriate distributions. Currently, it appears the Nux is copying over into his repo some of my rpms.  If you would rather NOT add my repo, ask him to copy over anything he has missed. If there is a package I have not added, especially in the EL7 repository, please feel free to contact me so I can get working on getting the .spec or rebuild going. Enjoy!

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