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There are a few tweaks that can be needed to make the game work. But aside from these, any semi-recent wine version should work perfectly (those pesky regressions ...). As of the time of writing this, Wine 3.x+ works perfectly.


Enabling OpenGL is a single line modification to your

    SET gxApi "opengl"

If there is already a line that has something else, make it show the above. Stock files do not have this line. This can be used up through Wrath of the Lich King expansion. Cataclysm and later support dwindles fast, and usage of DirectX is a superior option. DirectX can be used by not including a gxApi line at all.


If when logging in, you are clearly getting texturing issues (very dark screen), you need the following fix. Apply the following line to your

    SET M2UseShaders "0"


This is a simple registry edit for Wine that either will either fix crash issues and increase frame rate in game, or it will decrease the performance and even make the game crash. You should give it a try to see what is does for you, as you may always easily remove it again, if it acts negatively for you.

Open a terminal window, type regedit and press enter. This will start the Wine equivalent of the windows registry editor. If you are familiar with using the registry editor under windows then this is pretty much the same.

  1. Find this key *HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Wine*
  2. Highlight the wine folder in the left hand pane by clicking left on it. The icon should change to an open folder
  3. Right-click on the wine folder and select [NEW] then [KEY]
  4. Replace the text New Key #1 with OpenGL
  5. Right-click in the right hand pane and select [NEW] then [String Value]
  6. Replace New Value #1 with DisabledExtensions (Notice it's case sensitive!)
  7. Then double click anywhere on the line, a dialog box will open.
  8. In the value field type GL_ARB_vertex_buffer_object