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This site is dedicated to be a treasure trove of EL and Fedora knowledge (although some things are rather GNU/Linux generic).

If you are in need of something EL/Fedora specific, contact Schotty via the methods outlined on the Contact Page.


These are the Fedora and EL repositories that I host, mainly rebuilds of software that isn't yet available, or never will be due to licesnsing restrictions that some of the larger repositories have polies against inclusion (EPEL, Fedora to name two). I cannot speak for the compatibility of other repositories and mine, but I make an effort to build only to EPEL and branch off whenever it is going to be far too much replication of efforts to handle all the dependencies locally. For those packages, I have a dpendency on the Nux! repository.

For each distribution in question, I will stop providing rpms when I either get sick of it, or the distribution is EOL'ed.  My primary focus is on EL7, and build Fedora rpms when what I want for EL isn't available in the standard army of repositories that most people will enable. If I miss something, email me. When DNF is finished and ready for prime time, I will host DNF only for the appropriate distributions.

Currently, it appears that Nux is copying over into his repo some of my rpms and cleaning up for his use some others.  If you would rather NOT add my repo, ask him to copy over anything I have that you would like him to add. If there is a package I have not added, especially in the EL7 repository, please feel free to contact me (see contact page for the multitude of contact methods) so I can get working on getting the .spec or rebuild going.



Here are all the things Schotty does for you:

Counter Strike Global Offensive Default
Factorio Default (34197)
Terraria Default (7777)
Minecraft (Latest Release) Default (25565)
Minecraft FTB Direwolf20 1.12 Modpack Minecraft port 25555
Link Name
Linode Cloud Hosting Linode Cloud Hosting
Red Hat Enterprise Linux
Fedora Linux Fedora Linux
CodeWeaversCodeWeaversCodeWeavers Codeweavers Crossover Linux
Lutris Open Gaming Platform Lutris Open Gaming Platform