Docker Saliencheat Guide

This guide will walk you thru getting setup with the Salien bot via git and docker. You will need both tools installed prior to being able to do much of anything here.

  1. Login as desired user and join the steamdb group
  2. Login to steam as desired user and visit to get the token (32 char string)
  3. Cd into desired directory to host files
  4. Run:

    git clone
    cd SalienCheat
    sudo docker build . -t steamdb/saliencheat
    sudo docker run --sig-proxy=false --privileged=true -it --name=saliencheat --rm -e TOKEN=YOURTOKEN steamdb/saliencheat
  5. To reattach to session run:

    sudo docker attach saliencheat
  6. Enjoy. You can run this once per account concurrently. So if you have 5 accounts, you can start 5 instances, using your token for each account once and correcting the container name (--name portion). Any errors shouild be automatically resoloved, although if not, or if you are impatient, you can stop and restart the container.